First-class Bowling in Scotland for 1924 (Ordered by Wickets)

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CD Dixon (SAf)2341553106-395.3011
GLD Hole (Sco)186115475-427.7110
WW Anderson (Sco)252712964-4821.5000
DJ Meintjes (SAf)168143154-196.2000
JG Heaslip (Ire)19266755-6713.4010
WN Walker (Sco)2951014453-9628.8000
EP Nupen (SAf)222222-21.0000
CP Carter (SAf)4221022-105.0000
W Allen (Ire)6623122-3115.5000
RJH Lambert (Ire)10244122-4120.5000
CS Scobie (Sco)18075522-4527.5000
M Sugden (Ire)20411-44.0000
JM Graham (Sco)13238911-8989.0000
CE McCausland (Ire)18030    
CS Paterson (Sco)42560    
AC Ford (Sco)422140    
DC Stevenson (Sco)240220    
TD Watt (Sco)361230    
DED Kennedy (Ire)421240    
J Kerr (Sco)120310    
HH Sheppard (Sco)1264630    





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