Lowest Total for Griqualand West Against Each Team

324Griqualand West v BangladeshDe Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley2000/01f45290
78Griqualand West v BolandKimberley Country Club, Kimberley1992/93f40193
74Griqualand West v BorderVictoria Recreation Ground, Queenstown1946/47f17390
48Griqualand West v Eastern ProvinceDe Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley2013/14f55055
139Griqualand West v Eastern TransvaalPAM Brink Stadium, Springs1991/92f39779
123Griqualand West v EasternsDe Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley2010/11f53043
93Griqualand West v Free StateGoodyear Park, Bloemfontein2005/06f49176
122Griqualand West v GautengDe Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley2009/10f52281
91Griqualand West v KwaZulu-NatalDe Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley2013/14f54984
155Griqualand West v KwaZulu-Natal InlandDe Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley2014/15f55772
154Griqualand West v NamibiaDe Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley2006/07f49616
31Griqualand West v NatalOld Wanderers Pirates Lower Back Ground, Johannesburg1906/07f7054
41Griqualand West v North Eastern TransvaalLoftus Versfeld, Pretoria1958/59f22601
160Griqualand West v North WestSedgars Park, Potchefstroom2005/06f48833
103Griqualand West v Northern TransvaalDe Beers Country Club, Kimberley1978/79f32455
95Griqualand West v NorthernsDe Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley1998/99f44097
50Griqualand West v Orange Free StateRamblers Cricket Club Ground, Bloemfontein1976/77f31504
87Griqualand West v RhodesiaDe Beers Stadium, Kimberley1970/71f28514
94Griqualand West v South Western DistrictsRecreation Ground, Oudtshoorn2013/14f55190
29Griqualand West v TransvaalEllis Park, Johannesburg1950/51f18982
64Griqualand West v Western ProvinceDe Beers Stadium, Kimberley1946/47f17378
194Griqualand West v Western TransvaalWitrand Cricket Field, Potchefstroom1993/94f40692
91Griqualand West v AustraliansDe Beers Stadium, Kimberley1966/67f26647
120Griqualand West v Boland BKimberley Country Club, Kimberley1993/94f40717
121Griqualand West v Eastern Province BKemsley Park, Port Elizabeth1986/87f36693
75Griqualand West v Marylebone Cricket ClubEclectics Cricket Club Ground, Kimberley1913/14f9027
49Griqualand West v Natal BJan Smuts Stadium, Pietermaritzburg1967/68f27048
122Griqualand West v New ZealandersDe Beers Stadium, Kimberley1961/62f24039
114Griqualand West v Northern Transvaal BDe Beers Country Club, Kimberley1988/89f37983
190Griqualand West v Orange Free State BDe Beers Country Club, Kimberley1989/90f38489
109Griqualand West v PakistanisKimberley Country Club, Kimberley1997/98f43522
293Griqualand West v SB Joel's XIAthletic Club Ground, Kimberley1924/25f11095
169Griqualand West v South African Defence ForceDe Beers Country Club, Kimberley1986/87f36575
47Griqualand West v Transvaal BNew Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg1965/66f26149
98Griqualand West v United Cricket Board of South Africa Invitation XIDe Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley1999/00f44971
271Griqualand West v West IndiansDe Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley1998/99f43971
55Griqualand West v Western Province BDe Beers Country Club, Kimberley1976/77f31435
121Griqualand West v Zimbabwe Board XIKimberley Country Club, Kimberley1994/95f41323
90Griqualand West v Zimbabwe ProvincesDe Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley2007/08f50613
205Griqualand West v Zimbabwe-Rhodesia BQueens Sports Club, Bulawayo1979/80f32999





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