Scotland Cap Matches played on Forthill, Dundee (14)

(count excludes the 2 matches in which no play was possible)
1st August 1913 Northamptonshire in Scotland 1913  Scotland v Northamptonshirescotcap59
19th July 1924 Ireland in Scotland 1924  Scotland v Irelandscotcap76
23rd July 1932 India in British Isles 1932  Scotland v Indiansscotcap93
22nd July 1935 South Africa in British Isles 1935  Scotland v South Africansscotcap98
4th August 1938 Australia in British Isles 1938  Scotland v Australiansscotcap111
30th June 1951 Worcestershire in Scotland 1951  Scotland v Worcestershirescotcap141
11th July 1973 New Zealand in British Isles 1973  Scotland v New Zealandersscotcap233
21st June 1976 Wales in Scotland 1976  Scotland v Walesscotcap245
15th July 1977 Denmark in Scotland 1977  Scotland v Denmarkscotcap253
19th July 1978 New Zealand in British Isles 1978  Scotland v New Zealandersscotcap256
17th July 1980 West Indies in British Isles 1980  Scotland v West Indiansscotcap270
3rd July 1982 Worcestershire in Scotland 1982  Scotland v Worcestershirescotcap285
20th June 1992 Ireland in Scotland 1992  Scotland v Irelandscotcap366
3rd August 1998 Australia A in British Isles 1998  Scotland v Australia Ascotcap462b
28th July 1999 South Africa Academy in Ireland and Scotland 1999  Scotland v South Africa Academyscotcap485
14th August 2019 Marylebone Cricket Club in Scotland 2019  Scotland v Marylebone Cricket Clubscotcap928a





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