Fielding in Hanley Energy Inter-Provincial Cup 2018 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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NJ O'Brien (NW)4617
LJ Tucker (Lein)4415
A Balbirnie (Lein)43 3
J Anderson (Lein)42 2
GRJ Kennedy (NW)42 2
AR McBrine (NW)42 2
JI Mulder (Nor)32 2
WTS Porterfield (NW)42 2
NA Rock (Nor)42 2
J Cameron-Dow (Nor)21 1
PKD Chase (Lein)41 1
A Dennison (Nor)31 1
GH Dockrell (Lein)41 1
ST Doheny (Lein)21 1
C Dougherty (Nor)11 1
AP Gillespie (NW)41 1
AJ Malan (Nor)11 1
JNK Shannon (Nor)31 1
NL Smith (Nor)21 1
MC Sorensen (Lein)11 1
HT Tector (Nor)41 1
JB Tector (Lein)21 1
SP Terry (Lein)21 1
SR Thompson (NW)41 1
CA Young (NW)41 1