Berry and Co Sunday League Premier Division 1996

16 Jun 1996  Old Edwardians v Solihull Blossomfield The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc262614
23 Jun 1996  Wolverhampton v Old Edwardians Danescourt, Wolverhampton misc262615
30 Jun 1996  Old Edwardians v Kenilworth Wardens The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc262616
07 Jul 1996  Hinckley Town v Old Edwardians Leicester Road, Hinckley misc262617
14 Jul 1996  Old Edwardians v Attock The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc262618
21 Jul 1996  Bridgnorth v Old Edwardians Cricket Meadow, Bridgnorth misc262620
28 Jul 1996  Old Edwardians v Old Elizabethans The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc262626
04 Aug 1996  Penn v Old Edwardians Mount Road, Penn misc262627
11 Aug 1996  Old Edwardians v Wednesbury The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc262628a
18 Aug 1996  Kidderminster v Old Edwardians Chester Road North, Kidderminster misc262629
25 Aug 1996  Old Edwardians v Bromsgrove The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc262631
01 Sep 1996  Old Hill v Old Edwardians Haden Hill Park, Haden Hill misc262632
08 Sep 1996  West Bromwich Dartmouth v Old Edwardians Sandwell Park, West Bromwich misc262633





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