County Match 1889

 Points Table

20 May 1889  Nottinghamshire v Sussex Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3356
23 May 1889  Lancashire v Sussex Old Trafford, Manchester f3359
30 May 1889  Middlesex v Nottinghamshire Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f3363
03 Jun 1889  Middlesex v Gloucestershire Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f3366
06 Jun 1889  Lancashire v Middlesex Old Trafford, Manchester f3368
06 Jun 1889  Surrey v Gloucestershire Kennington Oval, Kennington f3371
10 Jun 1889  Middlesex v Kent Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f3371a
10 Jun 1889  Nottinghamshire v Surrey Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3372
10 Jun 1889  Sussex v Gloucestershire County Ground, Hove f3373
13 Jun 1889  Lancashire v Kent Old Trafford, Manchester f3374
17 Jun 1889  Middlesex v Surrey Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f3377
20 Jun 1889  Middlesex v Yorkshire Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f3379
24 Jun 1889  Nottinghamshire v Lancashire Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3382
24 Jun 1889  Yorkshire v Sussex Park Avenue Cricket Ground, Bradford f3384
27 Jun 1889  Gloucestershire v Yorkshire Spa Ground, Gloucester f3385
27 Jun 1889  Lancashire v Surrey Old Trafford, Manchester f3386
27 Jun 1889  Sussex v Nottinghamshire County Ground, Hove f3387
01 Jul 1889  Gloucestershire v Lancashire Ashley Down Ground, Bristol f3389
01 Jul 1889  Yorkshire v Surrey Bramall Lane, Sheffield f3391
08 Jul 1889  Kent v Sussex Bat and Ball Ground, Gravesend f3394
15 Jul 1889  Kent v Yorkshire Mote Park, Maidstone f3396
15 Jul 1889  Middlesex v Lancashire Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f3398
15 Jul 1889  Sussex v Surrey County Ground, Hove f3399
18 Jul 1889  Nottinghamshire v Kent Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3400
18 Jul 1889  Yorkshire v Lancashire Fartown, Huddersfield f3401
22 Jul 1889  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire Bramall Lane, Sheffield f3402
25 Jul 1889  Lancashire v Gloucestershire Aigburth, Liverpool f3403
29 Jul 1889  Surrey v Sussex Kennington Oval, Kennington f3404
29 Jul 1889  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire Park Avenue Cricket Ground, Bradford f3405
01 Aug 1889  Kent v Surrey The Rectory Field, Blackheath f3406
01 Aug 1889  Lancashire v Yorkshire Old Trafford, Manchester f3407
01 Aug 1889  Nottinghamshire v Gloucestershire Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3408
05 Aug 1889  Gloucestershire v Sussex Ashley Down Ground, Bristol f3409
05 Aug 1889  Kent v Middlesex St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury f3410
05 Aug 1889  Surrey v Nottinghamshire Kennington Oval, Kennington f3411
08 Aug 1889  Kent v Gloucestershire St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury f3412
08 Aug 1889  Surrey v Middlesex Kennington Oval, Kennington f3413
12 Aug 1889  Nottinghamshire v Middlesex Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3414
12 Aug 1889  Sussex v Lancashire County Ground, Hove f3415
12 Aug 1889  Yorkshire v Kent Bramall Lane, Sheffield f3416
15 Aug 1889  Gloucestershire v Nottinghamshire Clifton College Close Ground, Clifton f3417
15 Aug 1889  Surrey v Lancashire Kennington Oval, Kennington f3418
15 Aug 1889  Sussex v Kent County Ground, Hove f3419
15 Aug 1889  Yorkshire v Middlesex Thrum Hall, Halifax f3420
19 Aug 1889  Gloucestershire v Surrey College Ground, Cheltenham f3421
19 Aug 1889  Kent v Lancashire Mote Park, Maidstone f3422
19 Aug 1889  Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3423
22 Aug 1889  Gloucestershire v Middlesex College Ground, Cheltenham f3424
22 Aug 1889  Lancashire v Nottinghamshire Old Trafford, Manchester f3425
22 Aug 1889  Surrey v Kent Kennington Oval, Kennington f3426
22 Aug 1889  Sussex v Yorkshire County Ground, Hove f3427
26 Aug 1889  Gloucestershire v Kent Clifton College Close Ground, Clifton f3428
26 Aug 1889  Surrey v Yorkshire Kennington Oval, Kennington f3429
29 Aug 1889  Kent v Nottinghamshire Foxgrove Road, Beckenham f3431