Don't marry a cricketer
by Bipin Dani

Player:Imran Khan, HJ Tayfield, WJ Edrich

DateLine: 14th July 2016


Mumbai, July 15 : Subject to confirmation, Imran Khan, the World Cup winning Pakistan captain may have followed Brazilian Pele and made a hat-trick of marriages but his fans would certainly not want him to equal two other international cricketers' record of marrying five times.


South Africa's Hugh Tayfield and England's Bill Edrich married five times in their lives. This was confirmed by a renowned cricket statistician Bharath Seervi.


"Yes, they both (Tayfield and Edrich) married five times each which is known to be the 'record' among International cricketers", he said.


"Bill Edrich and Hugh Tayfield both beat Pele on number, holding the joint record for most marriages by a Test player with five each. However, since Edrich died at the age of 70 and Tayfield 65, neither of them beats him in that respect", another cricket enthusiast Michael Jones says.


Five all out


Edrich and Tayfield's repeated failed marriages have not been recorded in Wisden, the Bible of cricket, but a cricket-specific website did mention it in 2002.


"One of his wives was an Australian, and the Mercury of Hobart felt that the story was important to run a picture of him with his bride on the front page of their Monday 24 May 1954 edition : "Miss Barbara June Metcalf, of Perth (WA), with Springbok cricketer Hugh Tayfield after their marriage at the Emmanuel Cathedral in Durban", David O'Sullivan, the cricketer and writer has written in his book The Extraordinary Book of SA Cricket (Publisher Penguin Random House South Africa).


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