Wives of Mathews and Chandimal gave moral support to Shaminda Eranga's wife
by Bipin Dani

Player:RMS Eranga, LD Chandimal, AD Mathews
Event:Sri Lanka in England and Ireland 2016

DateLine: 21st June 2016


Mumbai, June 21 : Heshani Silva and Ishika Jayasekara, the wives of Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews and wicket-keeper Dinesh Chandimal respectively spoke to Shaminda Eranga's wife in Sri Lanka and they reassured her about not to worry on Shaminda's illness. This was revealed by Savithri Weerakkody, the drama-artist wife of Shaminda.


The wives of these players have / had traveled with the team.


Speaking exclusively over her mobile on Tuesday afternoon, Savithri said, "Shaminda spoke to me while being taken to the hospital but did not seem to be serious in talks and when I returned the call on the same number it was answered by the manager who told me about the tests to be conducted in the hospital. The team manager also requested them (the players' wives) to speak to me and give their morale support, which they did".


"I was initially tensed but didn't inform to my or his parents. Our parents came to know about the fake news about the heart attack. The news on his suspension came the next day and Shamina was made aware about it by me much later".


Explaining the reason for not being with Shaminda on tour, the wife says,"he's a very loving and caring husband and a father as well. Since we got our child I've decided not to travel on foreign tours with him because I personally know how hard he and other players have to prepare mentally and physically before every match. I don't want him that extra burden and pressure to look after us".


"It is indeed a coincidence. His sickness news and the ICC suspension are two different things and be not co-related. Surprisingly, he was not serious while explaining me his health issues. Even the team manager also spoke to me ".


"I think he can improve his bowling technique and come back again. He is not mentally down. He is a religious man and has faith in God. He is mentally strong enough to bear the sudden situation like this. His life is cricket and he has sacrificed a lot for the game. I help him to make his mind strong and tell him to be positive. I shall support him to get back to his usual cricket life for sure".


"Shaminda has received support from all players, team manager, the Board president, chief selector, the sports minister and all fans".


"He has been discharged from Dublin's Beacon Hospital on Monday late evening. He never had this heart-beat problems before. He has now traveled to UK. Being under suspension (for a suspect bowling action) he is not staying with the team but at his cousin cum friend's house. He is waiting for his ticket and travel-plan before returning to Sri Lanka in next 2-3 days".


Shaminda will turn 30 on Wednesday.


"Ever since my marriage with him, I give him a surprise on his birthday every year and this year it will not be different too, though he is away and a bit tensed", the wife signed off.


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