Brief profile of William Underwood
by Don Ambrose

Player:W Underwood

Born at Ruddington, Nottinghamshire, 26th February 1852.
Died at Blackcliffe Farm, Bradmore, Nottinghamshire, 9th May 1914.
He appeared in his local village team in 1869 and was picked for the XXII Colts in the Nottingham trials of 1875 and 1876. He was engaged as a professional cricketer at Rock Ferry 1870-76 and at Edinburgh Collegiate School 1878-79. Commencing in 1880 he became coach to the boys at the training ship Britannia, at Dartmouth, a position he held until about 1900. He played county cricket for Devon 1880-83, and was tried in one first-class match by Nottinghamshire during the players strike in 1881. He died by his own hand and was buried in Ruddington Churchyard.
At the time of the 1881 Census he was living at Shaw Street, Ruddington, with his father, William, aged 61, a stocking weaver, and his mother Catherine, aged 60. He is unmarried, aged 28, a framework knitter and prop Cricket – whatever that may mean!

(Article: Copyright © 2004 Don Ambrose)