Most Wickets in an Innings against National Bank of Pakistan

9-45Naved Anjum for Habib Bank LimitedLahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore1991/92f39769
8-50Sadaf Hussain for Khan Research LaboratoriesIqbal Stadium, Faisalabad2013/14f55224
8-51Nadeem Ghauri for Habib Bank LimitedMunicipal Stadium, Gujranwala1993/94f40810
8-55Ali Raza for Pakistan National Shipping CorporationIqbal Stadium, Faisalabad1998/99f43892
8-67Nadeem Ghauri for Habib Bank LimitedLahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore1988/89f37924
8-99Mohammad Nazir for RailwaysPindi Club Ground, Rawalpindi1987/88f37437
7-28Tauseef Ahmed for United Bank LimitedNiaz Stadium, Hyderabad1981/82f33829
7-41Tanvir Ahmed for Port Qasim AuthorityGaddafi Stadium, Lahore2012/13f54259
7-42Nasir Malik for RawalpindiRawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi2011/12f53387
7-43Jaffar Nazir for Khan Research LaboratoriesSaga Cricket Ground, Sialkot2001/02f46070
7-52Mohammad Abbas for Khan Research LaboratoriesUnited Bank Limited Sports Complex, Karachi2016/17f57556
7-53Nadeem Iqbal for Pakistan CustomsSheikhupura Stadium, Sheikhupura2000/01f45721
7-57Najaf Shah for Pakistan International AirlinesNational Stadium, Karachi2004/05f48563
7-59Nadeem Ashraf for Pakistan CustomsNational Stadium, Karachi1997/98f43290
7-61Tahir Maqsood for Pakistan CustomsIqbal Stadium, Faisalabad2004/05f48521
7-68Azeem Hafeez for Allied Bank LimitedLahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore1982/83f34427
7-68Mohammad Abbas for Khan Research LaboratoriesJinnah Stadium, Sialkot2015/16f56818
7-71Mohammad Zahid for Pakistan International AirlinesArbab Niaz Stadium, Peshawar2000/01f45760
7-73Mir Hamza for Karachi DolphinsNational Stadium, Karachi2014/15f55862
7-75Mohammad Nazir for RailwaysLahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore1982/83f34556
7-77Abdur Raqib for Habib Bank LimitedLahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore1982/83f34395
7-77Aaqib Javed for Allied Bank LimitedGaddafi Stadium, Lahore1997/98f43337
7-78Riaz Afridi for Pakistan Telecommunication Company LimitedSheikhupura Stadium, Sheikhupura2005/06f49050
7-83Mashood Benazir for HyderabadNiaz Stadium, Hyderabad1971/72f29061
7-84Mohiuddin Khan for Karachi BNational Stadium, Karachi1978/79f32514
7-90Liaqat Ali for Habib Bank LimitedNational Stadium, Karachi1978/79f32437
7-90Ilyas Khan for Muslim Commercial BankBakhtiari Youth Centre, Karachi1982/83f34324
7-91Abdul Qadir for Habib Bank LimitedGaddafi Stadium, Lahore1982/83f34561
7-92Ali Gauhar for Karachi BluesRawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi1994/95f41702
7-96Rashid Khan for Pakistan International AirlinesGaddafi Stadium, Lahore1979/80f32951
7-100Kaleemullah for HyderabadNiaz Stadium, Hyderabad1972/73f29411
7-101Nadeem Ghauri for Habib Bank LimitedMultan Cricket Club Ground, Multan1996/97f42707
7-107Zulfiqar Butt for House Building Finance CorporationArbab Niaz Stadium, Peshawar1990/91f38966
7-114Nazir Khan for RailwaysGaddafi Stadium, Lahore1974/75f30347
7-114Abdul Qadir for Habib Bank LimitedBagh-e-Jinnah, Lahore1981/82f33950





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