Other matches played on Itchenor Park, Itchenor (21)

Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
30th August 1958 Other matches in England 1958  The Gemini v Eton Ramblersmisc575184
20th August 1960 Other matches in England 1960  The Gemini v Eton Ramblersmisc520886
18th August 1962 Other matches in England 1962  The Gemini v Eton Ramblersmisc520986
23rd June 1963 Staggerers in England 1963  The Gemini v Staggerersmisc597490
18th August 1963 Other matches in England 1963  The Gemini v Eton Ramblersmisc521036
16th August 1964 Other matches in England 1964  The Gemini v Eton Ramblersmisc576506
8th September 1964 Mashonaland Country Districts in England 1964  The Gemini v Mashonaland Country Districtsmisc800952
15th August 1965 Other matches in England 1965  The Gemini v Eton Ramblersmisc576568
14th August 1966 Other matches in England 1966  The Gemini v Eton Ramblersmisc576631
2nd July 1967 Staggerers in England 1967  The Gemini v Staggerersmisc597505
3rd July 1967 Staggerers in England 1967  Sussex Martlets v Staggerersmisc597506
13th August 1967 Other matches in England 1967  The Gemini v Eton Ramblersmisc576698
29th June 1968 Grasshoppers (South Africa) in Europe 1968  Sussex Martlets v Grasshoppersmisc333738
27th June 1970 The Penguins in England 1970  Sussex Martlets v The Penguinsmisc821162
10th August 1972 Hilda Overy Trophy 1972  Sussex Young Cricketers v Hampshire Coltsmisc191602
June 1973 Staggerers in Denmark and England 1973  R Green's XI v Staggerersmisc597542
24th August 1974 Other matches in England 1974  The Gemini v Eton Ramblersmisc580047
23rd August 1975 Other matches in England 1975  The Gemini v Eton Ramblersmisc577014
21st August 1976 Other matches in England 1976  The Gemini v Eton Ramblersmisc577086
27th August 1977 Other matches in England 1977  The Gemini v Eton Ramblersmisc572072
26th August 1978 Other matches in England 1978  The Gemini v Eton Ramblersmisc572634





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