Magdalen Ground, Oxford - Highest Partnership for Each Wicket in first-class cricket

  1143  TW Lang & AJ WebbeOxford University v Gentlemen of England1875f1873
  2109  Oxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1871f1623
  3125  Marylebone Cricket Club v Oxford University1871f1623
  4140*Southgate v Oxford University1865f1313
  5125  Oxford University v Gentlemen of England1873f1741
  6149  Oxford University v Southgate1866f1367
  793  Oxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1879f2208
  888  Oxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1865f1307
  955  Oxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1873f1732
1068  Oxford University v Gentlemen of England1876f1948
1068  Oxford University v South Africans1912f8492
1126  HG Tylecote & CW BoyleOxford University v Gentlemen of England1874f1808





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