Minor Counties Championship Matches played on Sandwell Park, West Bromwich (13)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
15th June 1927 Minor Counties Championship 1927  Staffordshire v Lincolnshireminc2176
23rd May 1928 Minor Counties Championship 1928  Staffordshire v Leicestershire Second XIminc2270
21st August 1963 Minor Counties Championship 1963  Staffordshire v Bedfordshireminc5994
9th August 1978 Minor Counties Championship 1978  Staffordshire v Lincolnshireminc7629
15th August 1979 Minor Counties Championship 1979  Staffordshire v Durhamminc7748
4th August 1980 Minor Counties Championship 1980  Staffordshire v Northumberlandminc7833
30th May 1985 Minor Counties Championship 1985 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Hertfordshireminc8268
6th July 2014 Unicorns Championship 2014 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Northumberlandminc10497
7th June 2015 Unicorns Championship 2015 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Cambridgeshireminc10539
3rd July 2016 Unicorns Championship 2016 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Norfolkminc10618
2nd July 2017 Unicorns Championship 2017 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Bedfordshireminc10680
24th June 2018 Unicorns Championship 2018 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Suffolkminc10723
7th July 2019 Unicorns Championship 2019 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Lincolnshireminc10792
26th July 2020 National Counties Championship 2020 Eastern Division OneStaffordshire v Lincolnshireminc10835p





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