West of England Premier League 2020


02 May 2020  Bath v Clevedon North Parade, Bath westp1734a
02 May 2020  Chippenham v Bedminster Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham westp1734b
02 May 2020  Downend v Lansdown WG Grace Memorial Ground, Bristol westp1734c
02 May 2020  Potterne v Bridgwater The Grove, Potterne westp1734d
02 May 2020  Taunton Deane v Cheltenham The Convent Field, Taunton westp1734e
09 May 2020  Bedminster v Taunton Deane The Clanage, Bower Ashton westp1734f
09 May 2020  Bridgwater v Downend The Parks, Bridgwater westp1734g
09 May 2020  Cheltenham v Bath Victoria Ground, Cheltenham westp1734h
09 May 2020  Clevedon v Chippenham Dial Hill, Clevedon westp1734i
09 May 2020  Lansdown v Potterne Combe Park, Bath westp1734j
16 May 2020  Chippenham v Cheltenham Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham westp1734k
16 May 2020  Downend v Bedminster WG Grace Memorial Ground, Bristol westp1734l
16 May 2020  Lansdown v Bridgwater Combe Park, Bath westp1734m
16 May 2020  Potterne v Clevedon The Grove, Potterne westp1734n
16 May 2020  Taunton Deane v Bath The Convent Field, Taunton westp1734o
23 May 2020  Bath v Chippenham North Parade, Bath westp1734p
23 May 2020  Bedminster v Lansdown The Clanage, Bower Ashton westp1734q
23 May 2020  Bridgwater v Taunton Deane The Parks, Bridgwater westp1734r
23 May 2020  Cheltenham v Potterne Victoria Ground, Cheltenham westp1734s
23 May 2020  Clevedon v Downend Dial Hill, Clevedon westp1734t
30 May 2020  Bridgwater v Bedminster The Parks, Bridgwater westp1734u
30 May 2020  Chippenham v Taunton Deane Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham westp1734v
30 May 2020  Downend v Cheltenham WG Grace Memorial Ground, Bristol westp1734w
30 May 2020  Lansdown v Clevedon Combe Park, Bath westp1734x
30 May 2020  Potterne v Bath The Grove, Potterne westp1734y
06 Jun 2020  Bath v Downend North Parade, Bath westp1734z
06 Jun 2020  Cheltenham v Bedminster Victoria Ground, Cheltenham westp1734aa
06 Jun 2020  Chippenham v Lansdown Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham westp1734ab
06 Jun 2020  Clevedon v Bridgwater Dial Hill, Clevedon westp1734ac
06 Jun 2020  Taunton Deane v Potterne The Convent Field, Taunton westp1734ad
13 Jun 2020  Bedminster v Clevedon The Clanage, Bower Ashton westp1734ae
13 Jun 2020  Bridgwater v Cheltenham The Parks, Bridgwater westp1734af
13 Jun 2020  Downend v Taunton Deane WG Grace Memorial Ground, Bristol westp1734ag
13 Jun 2020  Lansdown v Bath Combe Park, Bath westp1734ah
13 Jun 2020  Potterne v Chippenham The Grove, Potterne westp1734ai
20 Jun 2020  Bath v Bedminster North Parade, Bath westp1734aj
20 Jun 2020  Cheltenham v Clevedon Victoria Ground, Cheltenham westp1734ak
20 Jun 2020  Chippenham v Bridgwater Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham westp1734al
20 Jun 2020  Potterne v Downend The Grove, Potterne westp1734am
20 Jun 2020  Taunton Deane v Lansdown The Convent Field, Taunton westp1734an
27 Jun 2020  Bedminster v Potterne The Clanage, Bower Ashton westp1734ao
27 Jun 2020  Bridgwater v Bath The Parks, Bridgwater westp1734ap
27 Jun 2020  Clevedon v Taunton Deane Dial Hill, Clevedon westp1734aq
27 Jun 2020  Downend v Chippenham WG Grace Memorial Ground, Bristol westp1734ar
27 Jun 2020  Lansdown v Cheltenham Combe Park, Bath westp1734as
04 Jul 2020  Bedminster v Chippenham The Clanage, Bower Ashton westp1734at
04 Jul 2020  Bridgwater v Potterne The Parks, Bridgwater westp1734au
04 Jul 2020  Cheltenham v Taunton Deane Victoria Ground, Cheltenham westp1734av
04 Jul 2020  Clevedon v Bath Dial Hill, Clevedon westp1734aw
04 Jul 2020  Lansdown v Downend Combe Park, Bath westp1734ax
11 Jul 2020  Bath v Cheltenham North Parade, Bath westp1734ay
11 Jul 2020  Chippenham v Clevedon Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham westp1734az
11 Jul 2020  Downend v Bridgwater WG Grace Memorial Ground, Bristol westp1734ba
11 Jul 2020  Potterne v Lansdown The Grove, Potterne westp1734bb
11 Jul 2020  Taunton Deane v Bedminster The Convent Field, Taunton westp1734bc
18 Jul 2020  Bath v Taunton Deane North Parade, Bath westp1734bd
18 Jul 2020  Bedminster v Downend The Clanage, Bower Ashton westp1734be
18 Jul 2020  Bridgwater v Lansdown The Parks, Bridgwater westp1734bf
18 Jul 2020  Cheltenham v Chippenham Victoria Ground, Cheltenham westp1734bg
18 Jul 2020  Clevedon v Potterne Dial Hill, Clevedon westp1734bh
25 Jul 2020  Chippenham v Bath Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham westp1734bi
25 Jul 2020  Downend v Clevedon WG Grace Memorial Ground, Bristol westp1734bj
25 Jul 2020  Lansdown v Bedminster Combe Park, Bath westp1734bk
25 Jul 2020  Potterne v Cheltenham The Grove, Potterne westp1734bl
25 Jul 2020  Taunton Deane v Bridgwater The Convent Field, Taunton westp1734bm
01 Aug 2020  Bath v Potterne North Parade, Bath westp1734bn
01 Aug 2020  Bedminster v Bridgwater The Clanage, Bower Ashton westp1734bo
01 Aug 2020  Cheltenham v Downend Victoria Ground, Cheltenham westp1734bp
01 Aug 2020  Clevedon v Lansdown Dial Hill, Clevedon westp1734bq
01 Aug 2020  Taunton Deane v Chippenham The Convent Field, Taunton westp1734br
08 Aug 2020  Bedminster v Cheltenham The Clanage, Bower Ashton westp1734bs
08 Aug 2020  Bridgwater v Clevedon The Parks, Bridgwater westp1734bt
08 Aug 2020  Downend v Bath WG Grace Memorial Ground, Bristol westp1734bu
08 Aug 2020  Lansdown v Chippenham Combe Park, Bath westp1734bv
08 Aug 2020  Potterne v Taunton Deane The Grove, Potterne westp1734bw
15 Aug 2020  Bath v Lansdown North Parade, Bath westp1734bx
15 Aug 2020  Cheltenham v Bridgwater Victoria Ground, Cheltenham westp1734by
15 Aug 2020  Chippenham v Potterne Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham westp1734bz
15 Aug 2020  Clevedon v Bedminster Dial Hill, Clevedon westp1734ca
15 Aug 2020  Taunton Deane v Downend The Convent Field, Taunton westp1734cb
22 Aug 2020  Bedminster v Bath The Clanage, Bower Ashton westp1734cc
22 Aug 2020  Bridgwater v Chippenham The Parks, Bridgwater westp1734cd
22 Aug 2020  Clevedon v Cheltenham Dial Hill, Clevedon westp1734ce
22 Aug 2020  Downend v Potterne WG Grace Memorial Ground, Bristol westp1734cf
22 Aug 2020  Lansdown v Taunton Deane Combe Park, Bath westp1734cg
29 Aug 2020  Bath v Bridgwater North Parade, Bath westp1734ch
29 Aug 2020  Cheltenham v Lansdown Victoria Ground, Cheltenham westp1734ci
29 Aug 2020  Chippenham v Downend Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham westp1734cj
29 Aug 2020  Potterne v Bedminster The Grove, Potterne westp1734ck
29 Aug 2020  Taunton Deane v Clevedon The Convent Field, Taunton westp1734cl





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