SWALEC Premier Cricket League Division One 2017

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29 Apr 2017  Bridgend Town v Neath Newbridge Fields, Bridgend swalpp616
29 Apr 2017  Cardiff v Ynysygerwn Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalpp617
29 Apr 2017  Newport v Pontarddulais Spytty Park, Newport swalpp618
29 Apr 2017  Penarth v Ammanford Recreation Ground, Penarth swalpp619
29 Apr 2017  Port Talbot Town v Mumbles The New Mansel, Port Talbot Town swalpp620
06 May 2017  Ammanford v Bridgend Town Ammanford Park, Ammanford swalpp621
06 May 2017  Mumbles v Newport Marespool, Mumbles swalpp622
06 May 2017  Neath v Port Talbot Town The Gnoll, Neath swalpp623
06 May 2017  Pontarddulais v Cardiff Pontarddulais Park, Pontarddulais swalpp624
06 May 2017  Ynysygerwn v Penarth Main Road, Ynysygerwn swalpp625
13 May 2017  Cardiff v Mumbles Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalpp626
13 May 2017  Newport v Neath Spytty Park, Newport swalpp627
13 May 2017  Penarth v Bridgend Town Recreation Ground, Penarth swalpp628
13 May 2017  Port Talbot Town v Ammanford The New Mansel, Port Talbot Town swalpp629
13 May 2017  Ynysygerwn v Pontarddulais Main Road, Ynysygerwn swalpp630
20 May 2017  Ammanford v Newport Ammanford Park, Ammanford swalpp630a
20 May 2017  Mumbles v Ynysygerwn Marespool, Mumbles swalpp631
20 May 2017  Neath v Cardiff The Gnoll, Neath swalpp632
20 May 2017  Pontarddulais v Penarth Pontarddulais Park, Pontarddulais swalpp633
20 May 2017  Port Talbot Town v Bridgend Town The New Mansel, Port Talbot Town swalpp634
27 May 2017  Cardiff v Ammanford Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalpp635
27 May 2017  Newport v Bridgend Town Spytty Park, Newport swalpp636
27 May 2017  Penarth v Port Talbot Town Recreation Ground, Penarth swalpp637
27 May 2017  Pontarddulais v Mumbles Pontarddulais Park, Pontarddulais swalpp638
27 May 2017  Ynysygerwn v Neath Main Road, Ynysygerwn swalpp639
03 Jun 2017  Ammanford v Ynysygerwn Ammanford Park, Ammanford swalpp640
03 Jun 2017  Bridgend Town v Cardiff Newbridge Fields, Bridgend swalpp641
03 Jun 2017  Mumbles v Penarth Marespool, Mumbles swalpp642
03 Jun 2017  Neath v Pontarddulais The Gnoll, Neath swalpp643
03 Jun 2017  Port Talbot Town v Newport The New Mansel, Port Talbot Town swalpp644
10 Jun 2017  Cardiff v Port Talbot Town Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalpp645
10 Jun 2017  Mumbles v Neath Marespool, Mumbles swalpp645a
10 Jun 2017  Penarth v Newport Recreation Ground, Penarth swalpp646
10 Jun 2017  Pontarddulais v Ammanford Pontarddulais Park, Pontarddulais swalpp646a
10 Jun 2017  Ynysygerwn v Bridgend Town Main Road, Ynysygerwn swalpp646b
17 Jun 2017  Ammanford v Mumbles Ammanford Park, Ammanford swalpp647
17 Jun 2017  Bridgend Town v Pontarddulais Newbridge Fields, Bridgend swalpp648
17 Jun 2017  Neath v Penarth The Gnoll, Neath swalpp649
17 Jun 2017  Newport v Cardiff Spytty Park, Newport swalpp650
17 Jun 2017  Port Talbot Town v Ynysygerwn The New Mansel, Port Talbot Town swalpp651
24 Jun 2017  Ammanford v Neath Ammanford Park, Ammanford swalpp652
24 Jun 2017  Bridgend Town v Mumbles Newbridge Fields, Bridgend swalpp653
24 Jun 2017  Cardiff v Penarth Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalpp654
24 Jun 2017  Newport v Ynysygerwn Spytty Park, Newport swalpp655
24 Jun 2017  Port Talbot Town v Pontarddulais The New Mansel, Port Talbot Town swalpp656
01 Jul 2017  Ammanford v Penarth Ammanford Park, Ammanford swalpp657
01 Jul 2017  Mumbles v Port Talbot Town Marespool, Mumbles swalpp658
01 Jul 2017  Neath v Bridgend Town The Gnoll, Neath swalpp659
01 Jul 2017  Pontarddulais v Newport Pontarddulais Park, Pontarddulais swalpp660
01 Jul 2017  Ynysygerwn v Cardiff Main Road, Ynysygerwn swalpp661
08 Jul 2017  Bridgend Town v Ammanford Newbridge Fields, Bridgend swalpp662
08 Jul 2017  Cardiff v Pontarddulais Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalpp663
08 Jul 2017  Newport v Mumbles Spytty Park, Newport swalpp664
08 Jul 2017  Penarth v Ynysygerwn Recreation Ground, Penarth swalpp665
08 Jul 2017  Port Talbot Town v Neath The New Mansel, Port Talbot Town swalpp666
15 Jul 2017  Ammanford v Port Talbot Town Ammanford Park, Ammanford
15 Jul 2017  Bridgend Town v Penarth Newbridge Fields, Bridgend
15 Jul 2017  Mumbles v Cardiff Marespool, Mumbles
15 Jul 2017  Neath v Newport The Gnoll, Neath
15 Jul 2017  Pontarddulais v Ynysygerwn Pontarddulais Park, Pontarddulais
22 Jul 2017  Bridgend Town v Port Talbot Town Newbridge Fields, Bridgend
22 Jul 2017  Cardiff v Neath Diamond Ground, Cardiff
22 Jul 2017  Newport v Ammanford Spytty Park, Newport
22 Jul 2017  Penarth v Pontarddulais Recreation Ground, Penarth
22 Jul 2017  Ynysygerwn v Mumbles Main Road, Ynysygerwn
29 Jul 2017  Ammanford v Cardiff Ammanford Park, Ammanford
29 Jul 2017  Bridgend Town v Newport Newbridge Fields, Bridgend
29 Jul 2017  Mumbles v Pontarddulais Marespool, Mumbles
29 Jul 2017  Neath v Ynysygerwn The Gnoll, Neath
29 Jul 2017  Port Talbot Town v Penarth The New Mansel, Port Talbot Town
05 Aug 2017  Cardiff v Bridgend Town Diamond Ground, Cardiff
05 Aug 2017  Newport v Port Talbot Town Spytty Park, Newport
05 Aug 2017  Penarth v Mumbles Recreation Ground, Penarth
05 Aug 2017  Pontarddulais v Neath Pontarddulais Park, Pontarddulais
05 Aug 2017  Ynysygerwn v Ammanford Main Road, Ynysygerwn
12 Aug 2017  Ammanford v Pontarddulais Ammanford Park, Ammanford
12 Aug 2017  Bridgend Town v Ynysygerwn Newbridge Fields, Bridgend
12 Aug 2017  Neath v Mumbles The Gnoll, Neath
12 Aug 2017  Newport v Penarth Spytty Park, Newport
12 Aug 2017  Port Talbot Town v Cardiff The New Mansel, Port Talbot Town
19 Aug 2017  Cardiff v Newport Diamond Ground, Cardiff
19 Aug 2017  Mumbles v Ammanford Marespool, Mumbles
19 Aug 2017  Penarth v Neath Recreation Ground, Penarth
19 Aug 2017  Pontarddulais v Bridgend Town Pontarddulais Park, Pontarddulais
19 Aug 2017  Ynysygerwn v Port Talbot Town Main Road, Ynysygerwn
26 Aug 2017  Mumbles v Bridgend Town Marespool, Mumbles
26 Aug 2017  Neath v Ammanford The Gnoll, Neath
26 Aug 2017  Penarth v Cardiff Recreation Ground, Penarth
26 Aug 2017  Pontarddulais v Port Talbot Town Pontarddulais Park, Pontarddulais
26 Aug 2017  Ynysygerwn v Newport Main Road, Ynysygerwn

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