Liverpool and District Cricket Competition 1920

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24 Apr 1920  Birkenhead Park v Ormskirk Park Drive, Birkenhead livp2279c
24 Apr 1920  Formby v Hightown Cricket Path, Formby livp2279d
24 Apr 1920  Liverpool v Sefton Aigburth, Liverpool livp2279e
24 Apr 1920  Wallasey v Northern Harrison Park, Wallasey livp2279f
01 May 1920  Bootle v New Brighton Wadham Road, Bootle livp2279g
01 May 1920  Hightown v Huyton Sandy Lane, Hightown livp2279h
01 May 1920  Northern v Oxton Moor Park, Great Crosby livp2279i
01 May 1920  Sefton v Birkenhead Park Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park livp2279j
01 May 1920  Southport and Birkdale v Formby Trafalgar Road, Southport livp2279k
01 May 1920  Wallasey v Ormskirk Harrison Park, Wallasey livp2279l
08 May 1920  Birkenhead Park v Northern Park Drive, Birkenhead livp2279m
08 May 1920  Bootle v Southport and Birkdale Wadham Road, Bootle livp2280
08 May 1920  New Brighton v Liverpool Rake Lane, Wallasey livp2280a
08 May 1920  Oxton v Formby Townfield Lane, Oxton livp2281
08 May 1920  Sefton v Hightown Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park livp2282
08 May 1920  Wallasey v Huyton Harrison Park, Wallasey livp2282a
15 May 1920  Formby v Bootle Cricket Path, Formby livp2283
15 May 1920  Hightown v Northern Sandy Lane, Hightown livp2284
15 May 1920  Huyton v Birkenhead Park Huyton Lane, Huyton livp2285
15 May 1920  Neston v Liverpool Parkgate, Neston livp2286
15 May 1920  New Brighton v Ormskirk Rake Lane, Wallasey livp2287
15 May 1920  Oxton v Sefton Townfield Lane, Oxton livp2288
22 May 1920  Birkenhead Park v Wallasey Park Drive, Birkenhead livp2289
22 May 1920  Bootle v Oxton Wadham Road, Bootle livp2290
22 May 1920  Huyton v Northern Huyton Lane, Huyton livp2291
22 May 1920  Ormskirk v Formby Brook Lane, Ormskirk livp2292
22 May 1920  Sefton v Liverpool Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park livp2293
22 May 1920  Southport and Birkdale v New Brighton Trafalgar Road, Southport livp2294
24 May 1920  Birkenhead Park v Bootle Park Drive, Birkenhead livp2295
24 May 1920  Formby v Huyton Cricket Path, Formby livp2296
24 May 1920  Liverpool v Neston Aigburth, Liverpool livp2297
24 May 1920  New Brighton v Oxton Rake Lane, Wallasey livp2298
24 May 1920  Northern v Ormskirk Moor Park, Great Crosby livp2299
24 May 1920  Sefton v Wallasey Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park livp2300
29 May 1920  Birkenhead Park v Oxton Park Drive, Birkenhead livp2301
29 May 1920  Bootle v Ormskirk Wadham Road, Bootle livp2302
29 May 1920  Hightown v Formby Sandy Lane, Hightown livp2303
29 May 1920  Neston v Sefton Parkgate, Neston livp2303a
29 May 1920  New Brighton v Wallasey Rake Lane, Wallasey livp2304
29 May 1920  Northern v Liverpool Moor Park, Great Crosby livp2305
29 May 1920  Southport and Birkdale v Huyton Trafalgar Road, Southport livp2306
05 Jun 1920  Formby v Birkenhead Park Cricket Path, Formby livp2307
05 Jun 1920  Huyton v Bootle Huyton Lane, Huyton livp2308
05 Jun 1920  New Brighton v Sefton Rake Lane, Wallasey livp2309
05 Jun 1920  Ormskirk v Hightown Brook Lane, Ormskirk livp2310
05 Jun 1920  Oxton v Liverpool Townfield Lane, Oxton livp2311
05 Jun 1920  Wallasey v Southport and Birkdale Harrison Park, Wallasey livp2312
12 Jun 1920  Birkenhead Park v Sefton Park Drive, Birkenhead livp2312a
12 Jun 1920  Huyton v Southport and Birkdale Huyton Lane, Huyton livp2312b
12 Jun 1920  Liverpool v Formby Aigburth, Liverpool livp2312c
12 Jun 1920  Neston v New Brighton Parkgate, Neston livp2312d
12 Jun 1920  Ormskirk v Northern Brook Lane, Ormskirk livp2313
12 Jun 1920  Oxton v Bootle Townfield Lane, Oxton livp2313a
16 Jun 1920  Bootle v Wallasey Wadham Road, Bootle livp2314
19 Jun 1920  Bootle v Hightown Wadham Road, Bootle livp2315
19 Jun 1920  Formby v Ormskirk Cricket Path, Formby livp2316
19 Jun 1920  Liverpool v Huyton Aigburth, Liverpool livp2317
19 Jun 1920  Northern v Birkenhead Park Moor Park, Great Crosby livp2318
19 Jun 1920  Oxton v New Brighton Townfield Lane, Oxton livp2319
19 Jun 1920  Sefton v Neston Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park livp2320
26 Jun 1920  Bootle v Huyton Wadham Road, Bootle livp2321
26 Jun 1920  Formby v Oxton Cricket Path, Formby livp2322
26 Jun 1920  Liverpool v Ormskirk Aigburth, Liverpool livp2323
26 Jun 1920  New Brighton v Northern Rake Lane, Wallasey livp2324
26 Jun 1920  Southport and Birkdale v Hightown Trafalgar Road, Southport livp2325
26 Jun 1920  Wallasey v Sefton Harrison Park, Wallasey livp2326
28 Jun 1920  Birkenhead Park v Neston Park Drive, Birkenhead livp2327
28 Jun 1920  Huyton v Hightown Huyton Lane, Huyton livp2328
29 Jun 1920  Huyton v Sefton Huyton Lane, Huyton livp2329
30 Jun 1920  Huyton v Wallasey Huyton Lane, Huyton livp2330
03 Jul 1920  Birkenhead Park v Liverpool Park Drive, Birkenhead livp2331
03 Jul 1920  Huyton v Ormskirk Huyton Lane, Huyton livp2332
03 Jul 1920  Northern v Formby Moor Park, Great Crosby livp2333
03 Jul 1920  Oxton v Hightown Townfield Lane, Oxton livp2334
03 Jul 1920  Sefton v New Brighton Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park livp2335
03 Jul 1920  Southport and Birkdale v Bootle Trafalgar Road, Southport livp2336
07 Jul 1920  #Formby v Neston Cricket Path, Formby livp2337
07 Jul 1920  Northern v Wallasey Moor Park, Great Crosby livp2338
10 Jul 1920  Birkenhead Park v Formby Park Drive, Birkenhead livp2338a
10 Jul 1920  Bootle v Sefton Wadham Road, Bootle livp2339
10 Jul 1920  Hightown v Neston Sandy Lane, Hightown livp2339a
10 Jul 1920  Huyton v Liverpool Huyton Lane, Huyton livp2339b
10 Jul 1920  Northern v New Brighton Moor Park, Great Crosby livp2339c
10 Jul 1920  Ormskirk v Oxton Brook Lane, Ormskirk livp2339d
12 Jul 1920  Birkenhead Park v Wallasey Park Drive, Birkenhead livp2340
14 Jul 1920  Birkenhead Park v Hightown Park Drive, Birkenhead livp2341
14 Jul 1920  Neston v Northern Parkgate, Neston livp2342
17 Jul 1920  Formby v Southport and Birkdale Cricket Path, Formby livp2343
17 Jul 1920  Hightown v Sefton Sandy Lane, Hightown livp2344
17 Jul 1920  Liverpool v Bootle Aigburth, Liverpool livp2344a
17 Jul 1920  Neston v Oxton Parkgate, Neston livp2345
17 Jul 1920  New Brighton v Birkenhead Park Rake Lane, Wallasey livp2346
17 Jul 1920  Northern v Huyton Moor Park, Great Crosby livp2347
17 Jul 1920  Ormskirk v Wallasey Brook Lane, Ormskirk livp2348
21 Jul 1920  Wallasey v Liverpool Harrison Park, Wallasey livp2348a
24 Jul 1920  Hightown v Liverpool Sandy Lane, Hightown livp2349
24 Jul 1920  New Brighton v Bootle Rake Lane, Wallasey livp2350
24 Jul 1920  Ormskirk v Birkenhead Park Brook Lane, Ormskirk livp2351
24 Jul 1920  Oxton v Huyton Townfield Lane, Oxton livp2352
24 Jul 1920  Sefton v Formby Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park livp2353
24 Jul 1920  Southport and Birkdale v Wallasey Trafalgar Road, Southport livp2354
28 Jul 1920  #Liverpool v Wallasey Aigburth, Liverpool livp2355
31 Jul 1920  Hightown v Bootle Sandy Lane, Hightown livp2356
31 Jul 1920  Neston v Wallasey Parkgate, Neston livp2357
31 Jul 1920  New Brighton v Formby Rake Lane, Wallasey livp2358
31 Jul 1920  Ormskirk v Liverpool Brook Lane, Ormskirk livp2359
31 Jul 1920  Oxton v Northern Townfield Lane, Oxton livp2360
31 Jul 1920  Sefton v Huyton Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park livp2361
02 Aug 1920  Formby v Sefton Cricket Path, Formby livp2362
02 Aug 1920  Liverpool v New Brighton Aigburth, Liverpool livp2363
02 Aug 1920  Neston v Hightown Parkgate, Neston livp2364
02 Aug 1920  Ormskirk v Bootle Brook Lane, Ormskirk livp2365
02 Aug 1920  Oxton v Birkenhead Park Townfield Lane, Oxton livp2366
02 Aug 1920  Southport and Birkdale v Northern Trafalgar Road, Southport livp2367
07 Aug 1920  Bootle v Liverpool Wadham Road, Bootle livp2368
07 Aug 1920  Formby v Northern Cricket Path, Formby livp2369
07 Aug 1920  Hightown v Wallasey Sandy Lane, Hightown livp2370
07 Aug 1920  New Brighton v Southport and Birkdale Rake Lane, Wallasey livp2371
07 Aug 1920  Ormskirk v Huyton Brook Lane, Ormskirk livp2372
07 Aug 1920  Sefton v Oxton Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park livp2373
14 Aug 1920  Birkenhead Park v Huyton Park Drive, Birkenhead livp2374
14 Aug 1920  Bootle v Formby Wadham Road, Bootle livp2375
14 Aug 1920  Hightown v Ormskirk Sandy Lane, Hightown livp2376
14 Aug 1920  Liverpool v Oxton Aigburth, Liverpool livp2377
14 Aug 1920  New Brighton v Neston Rake Lane, Wallasey livp2378
14 Aug 1920  Northern v Sefton Moor Park, Great Crosby livp2379
18 Aug 1920  Birkenhead Park v New Brighton Park Drive, Birkenhead livp2380
21 Aug 1920  Huyton v Formby Huyton Lane, Huyton livp2381
21 Aug 1920  Liverpool v Northern Aigburth, Liverpool livp2382
21 Aug 1920  Neston v Birkenhead Park Parkgate, Neston livp2383
21 Aug 1920  Ormskirk v New Brighton Brook Lane, Ormskirk livp2384
21 Aug 1920  Sefton v Bootle Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park livp2385
21 Aug 1920  Southport and Birkdale v Oxton Trafalgar Road, Southport livp2386
28 Aug 1920  #Bootle v Birkenhead Park Wadham Road, Bootle livp2387
28 Aug 1920  #Formby v Liverpool Cricket Path, Formby livp2388
28 Aug 1920  Huyton v New Brighton Huyton Lane, Huyton livp2389
28 Aug 1920  #Northern v Hightown Moor Park, Great Crosby livp2390
28 Aug 1920  #Oxton v Neston Townfield Lane, Oxton livp2391
28 Aug 1920  Southport and Birkdale v Ormskirk Trafalgar Road, Southport livp2392
04 Sep 1920  #Hightown v Southport and Birkdale Sandy Lane, Hightown livp2393
04 Sep 1920  Liverpool v Birkenhead Park Aigburth, Liverpool livp2393a
04 Sep 1920  #Neston v Formby Parkgate, Neston livp2394
04 Sep 1920  New Brighton v Huyton Rake Lane, Wallasey livp2395
04 Sep 1920  Northern v Bootle Moor Park, Great Crosby livp2396
04 Sep 1920  Oxton v Ormskirk Townfield Lane, Oxton livp2396a
11 Sep 1920  Bootle v Northern Wadham Road, Bootle livp2397
11 Sep 1920  Formby v New Brighton Cricket Path, Formby livp2398
11 Sep 1920  #Liverpool v Hightown Aigburth, Liverpool livp2399
11 Sep 1920  #Neston v Huyton Parkgate, Neston livp2400
11 Sep 1920  Oxton v Wallasey Townfield Lane, Oxton livp2401
11 Sep 1920  Southport and Birkdale v Sefton Trafalgar Road, Southport livp2402
18 Sep 1920  Bootle v Wallasey Wadham Road, Bootle livp2403
18 Sep 1920  #Huyton v Oxton Huyton Lane, Huyton livp2404
18 Sep 1920  Northern v Southport and Birkdale Moor Park, Great Crosby livp2405
25 Sep 1920  #Sefton v Northern Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park livp2406

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.





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