Scotland National Cricket League Premier Division 2003

 Points Table
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 Averages by [Team]

26 Apr 2003  Aberdeenshire v Ayr Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl1144a
26 Apr 2003  Forfarshire v Carlton Forthill, Dundee csl1147b
26 Apr 2003  Grange v Greenock Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl1148
26 Apr 2003  Heriot's v Prestwick Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl1149
26 Apr 2003  Uddingston v West of Scotland Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl1151
03 May 2003  Ayr v Heriot's Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl1155
03 May 2003  Carlton v Uddingston Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl1155a
03 May 2003  Greenock v Aberdeenshire Glenpark, Greenock csl1157b
03 May 2003  Prestwick v Grange Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl1159
03 May 2003  West of Scotland v Forfarshire Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl1160c
10 May 2003  Aberdeenshire v Uddingston Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl1161
10 May 2003  Ayr v Prestwick Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl1163
10 May 2003  Carlton v West of Scotland Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl1164
10 May 2003  Forfarshire v Greenock Forthill, Dundee csl1168
10 May 2003  Grange v Heriot's Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl1170
17 May 2003  Aberdeenshire v Carlton Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl1174
17 May 2003  Heriot's v Greenock Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl1174d
17 May 2003  Prestwick v Forfarshire Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl1176
17 May 2003  Uddingston v Grange Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl1176d
17 May 2003  West of Scotland v Ayr Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl1177a
24 May 2003  Ayr v Carlton Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl1178a
24 May 2003  Grange v Aberdeenshire Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl1182
24 May 2003  Greenock v Uddingston Glenpark, Greenock csl1182a
24 May 2003  Heriot's v Forfarshire Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl1183
24 May 2003  West of Scotland v Prestwick Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl1184a
31 May 2003  Aberdeenshire v West of Scotland Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl1185
31 May 2003  Carlton v Grange Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl1186
31 May 2003  Forfarshire v Ayr Forthill, Dundee csl1189
31 May 2003  Prestwick v Greenock Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl1191
31 May 2003  Uddingston v Heriot's Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl1197
14 Jun 2003  Carlton v Heriot's Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl1199
14 Jun 2003  Grange v Forfarshire Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl1204
14 Jun 2003  Greenock v West of Scotland Glenpark, Greenock csl1205
14 Jun 2003  Prestwick v Aberdeenshire Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl1209
14 Jun 2003  Uddingston v Ayr Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl1212
21 Jun 2003  Aberdeenshire v Heriot's Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl1214
21 Jun 2003  Ayr v Greenock Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl1216
21 Jun 2003  Carlton v Prestwick Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl1217
21 Jun 2003  Forfarshire v Uddingston Forthill, Dundee csl1223
21 Jun 2003  West of Scotland v Grange Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl1228
28 Jun 2003  Ayr v Grange Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl1229
28 Jun 2003  Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire Forthill, Dundee csl1231a
28 Jun 2003  Greenock v Carlton Glenpark, Greenock csl1231b
28 Jun 2003  Heriot's v West of Scotland Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl1232
28 Jun 2003  Uddingston v Prestwick Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl1236
05 Jul 2003  Ayr v Aberdeenshire Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl1240
05 Jul 2003  Carlton v Forfarshire Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl1241
05 Jul 2003  Greenock v Grange Glenpark, Greenock csl1245
05 Jul 2003  Prestwick v Heriot's Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl1248
05 Jul 2003  West of Scotland v Uddingston Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl1253
12 Jul 2003  Aberdeenshire v Greenock Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl1254
12 Jul 2003  Forfarshire v West of Scotland Forthill, Dundee csl1259
12 Jul 2003  Grange v Prestwick Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl1260
12 Jul 2003  Heriot's v Ayr Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl1261
12 Jul 2003  Uddingston v Carlton Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl1266
19 Jul 2003  Greenock v Forfarshire Glenpark, Greenock csl1271
19 Jul 2003  Heriot's v Grange Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl1272
19 Jul 2003  Prestwick v Ayr Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl1276
19 Jul 2003  Uddingston v Aberdeenshire Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl1281
19 Jul 2003  West of Scotland v Carlton Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl1283
26 Jul 2003  Ayr v West of Scotland Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl1285
26 Jul 2003  Carlton v Aberdeenshire Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl1286
26 Jul 2003  Forfarshire v Prestwick Forthill, Dundee csl1291
26 Jul 2003  Grange v Uddingston Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl1293
26 Jul 2003  Greenock v Heriot's Glenpark, Greenock csl1294
02 Aug 2003  Aberdeenshire v Grange Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl1299
02 Aug 2003  Carlton v Ayr Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl1300
02 Aug 2003  Forfarshire v Heriot's Forthill, Dundee csl1305
02 Aug 2003  Prestwick v West of Scotland Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl1308
02 Aug 2003  Uddingston v Greenock Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl1312
09 Aug 2003  Ayr v Forfarshire Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl1315
09 Aug 2003  Grange v Carlton Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl1321
09 Aug 2003  Greenock v Prestwick Glenpark, Greenock csl1322
09 Aug 2003  Heriot's v Uddingston Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl1323
09 Aug 2003  West of Scotland v Aberdeenshire Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl1328
16 Aug 2003  Aberdeenshire v Prestwick Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl1329
16 Aug 2003  Ayr v Uddingston Cambusdoon New Ground, Alloway csl1331
16 Aug 2003  Forfarshire v Grange Forthill, Dundee csl1336
16 Aug 2003  Heriot's v Carlton Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl1337
16 Aug 2003  West of Scotland v Greenock Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl1343
23 Aug 2003  Grange v West of Scotland Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl1347
23 Aug 2003  Greenock v Ayr Glenpark, Greenock csl1348
23 Aug 2003  Heriot's v Aberdeenshire Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl1349
23 Aug 2003  Prestwick v Carlton Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl1353
23 Aug 2003  Uddingston v Forfarshire Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl1356
30 Aug 2003  Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl1359
30 Aug 2003  Carlton v Greenock Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl1360
30 Aug 2003  Grange v Ayr Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl1365
30 Aug 2003  Prestwick v Uddingston Henry Thow Oval, Prestwick csl1370
30 Aug 2003  West of Scotland v Heriot's Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl1373





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