ICC Champions Trophy 2006/07
by Pakistan Cricket Website

Event:ICC Champions Trophy 2006/07

DateLine: 20th December 2011


ICC Champions Trophy 2006/07
in India
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05 November 2006 Final: Australia v West Indies Gallery
02 November 2006 2nd Semi-Final: So Africa v WI Gallery
01 November 2006 1st Semi-Final: Australia v NZ Gallery
29 October 2006 Group A 6th: India v Austraslia Gallery
28 October 2006 Group A 5th: England v WI Gallery
27 October 2006 Group B 6th: Pakistan v So Africa Gallery
26 October 2006 Group A 4th: India v West Indies Gallery
25 October 2006 Group B 5th: Pakistan v NZ Gallery
24 October 2006 Group B 4th: So Africa v SL Gallery
21 October 2006 Group A 3rd: Australia v England Gallery
20 October 2006 Group B 3rd: Sri Lanka v NZ Gallery
18 October 2006 Group A 2nd: Ausytrslia v WI Gallery
17 October 2006 Group B 2nd: Pakistan v SL Gallery
16 October 2006 Group B 1st: NZ v So Africa Gallery
15 October 2006 Group A 1st: India v England Gallery
08 October 2006 Qual: West Indies v Zimbabwe Gallery
07 October 2006 Qual: Sri Lanka v Bangladesh Gallery

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