Flintoff came under Taliban attack
by CricketArchive Staff Reporter

Player:A Flintoff

DateLine: 5th October 2009


A tabloid reported that England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff and footballer Gary Linekar scurried for cover during a Taliban attack in Kandahar.


The duo went on to meet British troops in Afghanistan, but ended up getting a feel of the war as they scurried for cover during a Taliban attack in Kandahar.


According to the report in 'Daily Mirror', Flintoff and Linekar were enjoying a dinner with the troops at an air base when they were caught unawares by rocket firing.


"The sports heroes in the war zone to hand out a Mirror Pride of Britain award were in a forces dining room when an alarm warned of incoming rocket fire. They joined servicemen and women in scrambling for cover under tables," the report said.


"I thought it was a wind-up but then I saw everyone dive to the floor. It was scary," Flintoff recalled.


"I've have seen things over the past few days that will live with me for ever," he added.


The 31-year-old Flintoff, on crutches after undergoing a knee surgery recently, said the experience would remain with him forever.


"You see news reports, but when you see it first hand you realise what a great job they're doing," he said.


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